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Understanding the Decisions You Face.

Let Us Help You Make Your Home Exterior Projects Run Smoothy.

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We understand that as property managers and town home associations, you have a unique set of issues. You want to keep your multi-family homes well maintained, looking beautiful and efficiently functioning, year to year, season to season. Look to Xtreme Exteriors to expertly inspect for these issues before they become (expensive) problems.

Knowledge and Experience You Can Trust from Inspections to Projects Large and Small.

At Xtreme Exteriors, we go the extra mile to inspect and assess problem areas before conducting repairs. Our goal is to stop the cause of the damage from returning, saving you money over the long run.

By having Xtreme Exteriors involved at the budget and planning stage, we can help you identify inherent design problems, including the overall performance of your roofing, siding, windows and deck systems.

Our knowledge of the latest products and techniques will insure that your renovations will include improvements that go far beyond the aesthetics of your property. Xtreme Exteriors has written and helped design many project scopes to address issues such as ice and snow build up, wind tolerance and poorly insulated properties.

Do You Know If Your Roof, Siding or Decks Are Near Or At The End of Their Life?

Whether it’s rotting deck components, cracked shingles or damaged siding, Xtreme Exteriors takes extra steps to inspect and assess problem areas before making repairs. Our goal is to stop the cause of damage from returning, keeping your properties structurally safe and sound.

close up detail of architect style asphalt shingles


For Roofing, We Inspect:
  • Roof penetrations and seal any problem areas.
  • Roof flashings and drainage exits.
  • Replace cracked or blown off shingles.
  • Inspect the roof for integrity performance and for any structural damage.
close-up view of yellow ocher vinyl siding detail


For Siding, We Inspect:
  • Replace broken, loose or damaged siding.
  • Window and roof drainage in conjunction with siding system.
new cedar decking railing


For Deck Systems, We Inspect:
  • Deck posts, footings and supports.
  • Rails and spindles for loose or rotten wood and cracked framing.
  • Ledger board and rim joist for rot and structural stability.
  • Corroded footings from “green treated” arsenic lumber.
  • Danger signs, such as patio door rotting and decks separating from homes’ siding due to improper flashing

Expect the Best.

At Xtreme Exteriors, we continue to offer the best by staying up-to-date with proper product installation and certifications. We stay abreast of the latest product lines to provide you knowledgable advice on choosing the right products to make your home safe, sound, efficient and beautiful for years to come.

Everything from the innovative ideas and suggestions for improvements still within our budget to the professionalism and attention to detail — the transformation Xtreme Exteriors did was incredible! We watched as in as little as 6 1/2 weeks, this multi-housing community blossomed into a uniformly designed and now structurally sound neighborhood we can all be proud of.

— President of a Twin Cities’ Homeowners’ Association

Ask About Our Home Maintenance Program

To protect single homes and multi-family homes from seasonal issues, Xtreme Exteriors offers to homeowners and town home associations springtime gutter cleaning and wintertime snow and ice removal to prevent costly ice dams from occurring.

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