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When Winter’s Snow Becomes Frightful not Delightful.

Protecting Your Roof from Excess Snow + Minimizing Ice Dams.

Rooftop Snow and Ice Removal Services

Xtreme Exteriors’ home exteriors solutions work to protect homes during extreme weather conditions, year round. Properly installed roofing solutions, including proper attic ventilation and insulation can help a home resist heavy snow buildup and ice dams. However, snow and ice is inevitable during the winter months. You can count on Xtreme Exteriors to help.

The first step to minimizing ice dams is to remove excess snow from your roof top. To combat damage from snow and ice build-up we offer the following services:

Rake/remove snow from roof
Chip channels in ice dams
Inspect ventilation systems where ice dams form
Correct heat loss with insulation, chutes and vents

massive rooftop snow and ice dams on cedar woodland home

Heavy snow and ice might look romantic ”a la Doctor Zhivago,” but both can do damage to your roof and encourage costly ice dams to form, if they are not properly removed.


Is Your Home Experiencing Ice Dams Winter After Winter?

Want to learn what really causes ice dams? For Property Managers and Associations: Sign Up for our Free (no sales pitches) Presentation: “Solutions to the Ice Cycle – Ice Dams 101” and learn how you can control the seasonal expense of ice dams for your properties. For Homeowners: There are are so many many myths, fact and misconceptions about ice dams that we’ve compiled a two-page document on the subject for you to download here. It’s just one of the ways we help keep our customers informed on how to keep their homes functioning efficiently year round.

“I wanted to send you a thank you for your great service! Water had been leaking into my fireplace. I knew in talking to you that you and your team were the best. Thank you for getting the ice and snow off the area above my fireplace. Great service is hard to come by today, so thank you very much for the incredible efforts.”

~ Jeanne
Eden Prairie Homeowner

From Single Homes, Entire Home Associations to Multi-Story Apartment Complexes

For every rooftop snow removal job, Xtreme Exteriors is equip to safely remove dangerous ice and excess snow. Shown below are images of our crew expertly removing damaging ice build-up from a multi-story apartment complex.

Xtreme Exteriors crew expertly removing ice buildup on multi-story apartment building

Once the sun warms the roof shingles and gutters, ice can detach and fall off. This creates the potential for liability and damage to persons or property below.


Xtreme Exteriors crew expertly removing ice buildup on multi-story apartment building using cherry picker crane

Count on Xtreme Exteriors to expertly remove dangerous ice build up from your properties, inspect your roofing for damage due to ice dams, and provide preventive solutions to this seasonal issue.


Just want to say thank you for the excellent service I received on Saturday. About 3:00 pm, I noticed a bulge in the wall (inside) near my front door. It looked like half of a balloon, undoubtedly filled with water…but it wasn’t leaking!

At 3:30 pm, I called the Association and left a message with a young woman. 3:40 pm, I got a call back. There were crews working all weekend. He might be able to get some help for me this evening or Sunday morning.

About 6:10 pm (still on Saturday), four (brave) young men came and in one minute with a ladder they were up on my roof. They worked for one hour (as it was slowly getting dark!)  They chopped and removed about 10″ of ice and snow. Then they shoveled the huge mound of snow and ice that had fallen down on my front steps and driveway!

I want you to know that I’m so pleased with the very fast and efficient service. (My wall is a little damaged, but there is no water leaking.) I have also been very pleased with all the snow removal services during this very cold and difficult winter.

Thank you VERY MUCH,
~ Mary
Maple Grove Homeowner

Next Time Winter Wonderland Buries Your Roof

Expert Roof Top Snow Removal. Effective Ways to Minimize Your Seasonal “Ice-Cycle.”

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